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Busbar Systems

Busbar trunking systems,is an electrical power supply distribution system that seamlessly distributes power from one end of the building to another.A key advantage of busduct is designed of high to flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of project requirements like commercial building,hospitality facilities,industrial estate,public transport systems,airports,high-rise tower and condominium,Etc.



Powerduct enclosure busduct is manufactured in the form of bus bar conductors enclosed with housing (extruded aluminum with housing fin). PPB’s busducts are round conductors enclosed with Epoxy and Mylar class B forms of hybrid insulation. Other classes of insulation category are also available.IP starting from IP55 (indoor) to IP66,67&68 (Gel).All equipments are certified with IEC 61439-6

Powerduct fire rated busduct is manufactured in the copper bus bar conductors enclosed with gavalnize steel housing.The insulation is Mica tape.All equipments are certified with BS 6387 (c,w,z) standard.




EAE E-Line Busbar energy distribution systems meet all power requirements in modern enterprises and buildings.We are provides transfer and distribution of energy levels between 25 A to 63 A for lighting busbar,100 A to 6,300 A for LV busbar,630 A to 6,300 A for Cast Resin busbar and 950 A to 5,700 A for MV busbar.

E-Line Busbars, which have international test certificates, can be expanded, replaced, moved or reused whenever necessary. It is very easy, economical and safe to take power using tap off boxes placed anywhere along the busbar route.


TECHNIBUS metal enclosed bus solutions

Technibus, Inc. is a global leader in the supply of metal enclosed bus systems.Our products include Isolated Phase, Non-Segregated and Segregated Phase Systems. Technibus supplies systems for a wide range of applications and markets.  This includes power generation, petrochemical, industrial, medical, military, water technologies, and many others.

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Vilfer Electric comprise of complete cast resin busway trunking systems, ranging from low voltage up to 1,000V (160 – 6,300 A) to high voltage 3.6 – 36 KV (1,000 – 5,000 A). . However, any other type of busbar (air isolated, compact systems, etc.) can be made in our facilities upon request.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Instantaneous automatic switching between power sources




(True Double Throw Systems)

  • UL 1008 and IEC 60947-6 Standard
  • Closed Transition
  • Delayed Transition
  • Open Transition

Our zenith automatic transfer switches are an essential part of any emergency or standby power system,quickly transferring loads from one power source to another source.With features such as integral metering,high level diagnostics,built-in outage reporting,and high-speed alarm capture,we go beyond source switching,to ensure critical load uptime and operator safety.



Completed Generators Sets

We provide tailormade power solutions accordingly to customer needs as well as serving with a wide range of products starting from 0,5 kVA to 3550 kVA.


TEKSAN Completed Generators Sets

Teksan generator is manufacturer of high-quality diesel,natural and bio gas driven generator sets,mobile lighting towers,gasoline generators,cogeneration-trigeneration solutions and hybrid power systems in between the range of 9Kva to 3,300 kVA with world’s top engine brands coupled to well know alternators to meet projects’ requirements of different output ranges.Also manufacturer of container,soundproof canopies,ats panels,sound proof foams,automatic transfer panels and fuel tanks.




GMKP series capacitor in acylindrical aluminum can was designed for power factor correction (PFC) in AC low voltage power system.The GMKP capacitors series available in the range from 1 to 50 kvar up to 1,000 V ,loads like motors,power transformers,as well as reactive power,the benefits of PFC are saving energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission.




MOBATIME is the leading brand for innovative time display, time distribution and time reference systems. Equipments and components are developed, manufactured, and marketed by Moser-Baer AG, Switzerland. MOBATIME offers practical experience and extensive technology know-how in time systems for a wide range of application fields and can be customized at customer need and demand.This includes outdoor and indoor clocks, clock movements, master clocks, and time servers.


Distributed Time Systems

Time Distribution Systems are based on five major technologies : Conventional wired, self-setting wired, Time over Ethernet (NTP), stand alone, and wireless


Time systems

Medical Engineering

clinical infrastructure solutions to hospitals for their critical areas offering high quality products and services for improved patient outcomes, process and cost-efficiencies.




Starkstrom's mission is to provide clinical infrastructure solutions to hospitals for their critical areas offering high quality products and services for improved patient outcomes, process and cost-efficiencies. Starkstrom has specialised in the design, manufacture and servicing of isolated power supply systems, the touch screen Theatre Control Panel, Starkstrom's Automatic Transfer Switch (SATS), earthing accessories and a wide range of medical service pendants for the medical sector.